IndoKaya Energy in partnership with Cana West Technologies Inc., also known as CWT Valve, a Canadian based valve manufacturer with CRN registration and the Certificate of Authorization issued by ABSA.

Supply high-quality valves for more than 10 years and our products cover a variety of industrial valves including Ball, Check, Globe, Gate, Plug, Butterfly Valves and Strainers. Our valves range in size up to 64”, operating pressure up to Class 2500 and operating temperature from -196°C to 600°C. Our valves are highly customized to fit customer requirements.

To ensure premier quality, CWT Valve ensures that the products strictly meet both relevant industry standards and CWT quality management system (QMS). Ordered products are protected by warranty plan to make sure that our clients are satisfied. Moreover, Material Test reports (MTR) are provided for the traceability purpose.

Besides great quality, we supply prompt delivery to make your purchases even more trusted and cost-effective. Being a customer-focused manufacturer, our highly-experienced engineers and proven support team are committed to deliver best before-sale and after-sale services to our long-term customers.

High quality, timely delivery, cost efficiency and excellent services, make CWT Valve truly the best choice among our clients’ valve selections.