QHSE & Certifications


PT Indo Kaya Energi will provide the oil and gas industry with quality products and services. It is the primary and continuing policy of PT. Indo Kaya Energi that in the administration of its activities it will endeavor to protect the health and safety of its employees and other persons who may be affected by those activities. It is the goal of PT. Indo Kaya Energi to limit any adverse effects on the environment in which these activities are carried out.

PT. Indo Kaya Energi will seek to conduct its operations in such a manner as to:

  • Continually improving the Company’s Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) performance through the introduction of a QHSE Management System;
  • Maintain the highest practically achievable standards in the protection of quality, safety, health and environment;
  • Avoid harm to its employees and others who may be affected, directly or indirectly, by its activities.

To achieve this PT. Indo Kaya Energi will:

  • Implement and maintain a documented Quality, Health, Safety & Environment System.
  • Comply with laws, regulation and agreements from governments, costumers or principles.
  • Have safe working practices, safe operating procedures and due consideration to environmental factors which are vital to the overall efficiency and success of PT. Indo Kaya Energi.
  • Be responsible for the quality, safety, health and environment which form an integral part of their duties.

PT. Indo Kaya Energi management has a commitment to controlling workplace risks to as low as is reasonably practical and to maintain a safe place and a safe system of work.

This policy shall be reviewed once annually as a minimum to determine suitability with PT. Indo Kaya Energi activities. It is the responsibility of QHSE Manager to organize review and when necessary, revise the PT. Indo Kaya Energi.

Jakarta, February 10, 2014